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Important Events

The Indian Institute of Educations holds regular events annually in memory of renowned educationists. Following are the list of events conducted in the institute.
  • J.P.Naik Memorial Lecture
  • Acharya Bhagwat Seminar
  • R.V. Parulekar Memorial Lecture
  • Dr. Chitra Naik Memorial Lecture

The eminent speakers invited so far were
  • Prof. M.S. Swaminathan, - J.P.Naik Memorial Lecture on ‘Education in China’
  • Prof. K. Venkatasubramanian – J.P.Naik Memorial Lecture, on ‘ Serving Farmers and Saving Farmers’.
  • Prof. Andre Beteille, J.P. Naik Memorial Lecture on ‘Challenges Before our Universities’
  • Prof. D. N. Deobagkar, on ‘Influence of Science and Technology on societal values of contemporary Education’.
  • Prof. Arvind Gupta, on ‘Science in Education’.
  • Prof. Ram Bapat, Acharya Bhagwat Memorial Lecture
  • Shri. Sharad Behar, J.P.Naik Memorial Lecture, on ‘Promises to keep: Miles to go’
  • Prof. Yashavant Sumant, on ‘Concept of Equality from Gandhian Perspective: Need of Fresh Outlook for Its Understanding’
  • Prof. Ashok Chausalkar, Acharya S.J. Bhagwat memorial lecture on ‘Value thoughts of Golden Jubilee Maharashtra’
  • Shri. Arun Khore, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar memorial lecture on ‘Dr. Ambedkar’s awareness drive to protect democracy’
  • Shri. Lawanamji, Gandhi Memorial Lecture: on ‘Gandhiji’s religious thoughts and contemporary situation’
  • Shri. Anil Bordia, J.P. Naik memorial lecture : on ‘Contribution of J.P. Naik in Educational Planning
  • Prof. Ganesh. N. Devy, J.P.Naik Endowment Lecture on’ Our Dream Institution, Ideal Education and Society’.
  • Dr. Claude Alvares, J.P.Naik Memorial Lecture on ‘Searching for an Alternative Social Science’.
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