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M.Phil in Education (Interdisciplinary)

The M.Phil programme in Education (Interdisciplinary) orients students towards interdisciplinary approach in education and trains them in both qualitative and empirical quantitative research, including statistical analysis, research methods in education and social sciences, in relation to the socio-economic, cultural, political and psychological perspectives of the research theme selected. This M.PHIL programme is affiliated to the University of Pune.

Programme Structure
This is a full-time programme. The lectures, discussion and seminars are held in the first semester and during the second semester, seminars and discussion are conducted related to the dissertation. Students are required to write terms papers and give seminars during the programme and they are evaluation based on credits.
The M.Phil programme consists of the following three components;

I Papers
  1. Paper I: Education and Development in India
  2. Paper II: Research process in Education and Development
  3. Paper III: Specialization (Optional- any one)
    1. Non-formal education
    2. Educational planning and administration for development
    3. Education and social development
    4. Inclusive education
    5. Education and development issues of the tribes
    6. Indian conceptions of education and development
II Seminars
Seminar would be conducted periodically to facilitate discussion and reflection of current issues related to education and developing society. Students will also have to conduct seminars on their dissertation topics, prior and after submission of the thesis.
III Dissertation
Each student is expected to undertaken a dissertation for the fulfillment of M.Phil Degree. The dissertation would accepted only after all the assignments are submitted at the Centre for evaluation. The evaluation procedure for dissertation is as adopted by the University of Pune. IV Fellowships: Two fellowships are provided for merit students
  1. Admission to M.Phil is open to holders of a Master’s degree with a first class or a second class, preferably in Technology, Sciences, Social Sciences or Education. Other disciplines may be considered in exceptional cases.
  2. Application forms may be obtained from the office of the Centre for Educational Studies. The forms should be filled in and addressed to the Director of the Centre. The prescribed date must be observed.
  3. Applicants found suitable on the basis of the information supplied, are called to the Centre for an interview and a written test to assess the student’s knowledge of (a) the subject selected by him/her for post-graduation, and (b) Indian educational problems. final decisions on admissions are taken by a Selection Committee.

Admissions open for 2014-15
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