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Aims And Objectives


Aims and Objectives of the Institute are;

  • To conduct interdisciplinary social science research that leads to a humanist understanding of science and society,
  • To understand education as the articulation of human enlightenment and freedom,
  • To consequently understand education as cultural transformation, 
  • To articulate the philosophy of the humanization of education,
  • To contribute to the development of humanist education in post-colonial India,
  • To understand human alienation in both traditional caste-based patriarchal society as well as in modern society,
  • To contribute to innovations in education where all  forms of human alienation are understood and then overcome, 
  • To challenge educational orthodoxy,
  • To conduct research in education, and especially in relationship between education and society and education and development.
  • To carry on research (including action-research) and extension work in relation to various educational problems within and outside the formal educational system, including general education of the masses through social action;
  • To conduct advanced level training programmes, especially for M.Phil/Ph.D. degree in Education with an emphasis on Social Science inputs;
  • To publish journals and books in English, Hindi and Marathi and other Indian languages with a view to promoting the study of education among workers within the educational system as well as among the general public;
  • To arrange conferences, seminars, workshops and lectures on educational and related problems;
  • To undertake, promote and assist experimentation and innovations in education and development;
  • To establish Centres to carry out the purpose of the Institute in different parts of the country;
  • To provide consultancy and guidance to Governments, institutions and individuals for the development of education;
  • To develop international contacts and collaborative arrangements for the study of comparative education especially in the developing countries and to collect information about innovations and experiments in the field of education and development from other countries or as to disseminate the information to interested organizations and individuals in India;
  • To cooperate with other organizations and centres for furtherance of education and development on mutually beneficial terms to carry out the objectives of the Institute.
  • Generally to work both within and without the system to made education a better instrument of social transformation, to link it more meaningfully with development and the life, needs and aspirations of the people, to promote science education and cultivation of a scientific temper, and to spread education among the underprivileged groups with a view to helping their emancipation and creating greater equality of educational opportunity.
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