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The Indian Institute of Education was established essentially to dedicate its focus on research in education with an interdisciplinary approach and most important on the relationship between education and society from various perspectives. Its research initiatives are unique as it seeks participation of various socio-economic segments of society and examines the problems of education from the human development standpoint of view. Further, an education system according to the Institute would embody formal, non-formal and also informal systems prevailing in the society. hence, the development plan of the Indian Institute of education is to take into account the past, present and future of Indian Education and device measures to promote ‘quantity’, ‘quality’ and ‘equality’, that J.P. Naik strived all his life.

Standpoints of Indian Institute of Education

The Institute believes that education, if properly planned and organized, can serve as an effective stimulus for evolving an egalitarian social order based on the principles of social justice, freedom and dignity of the individual. From this standpoint it has been building up integrated programs of research, teaching, experimentation, extension and publication. It shall continue to concentrate on devising and promoting multifaceted non-formal education for all, including health education, as foundation for sustainable development, with inclusive growth. While searching for alternate strategies and models for various levels and types of learning outside the formal system, the Institute attempts to identify and use non-professional teaching resources, devise non-traditional techniques and materials, and emphasize learning more than teaching. It shall also continue to evolve measures for reforming the formal education system so as to render it flexible and truly responsive to the needs of the disadvantaged sections of society, thus bringing about educational and social transformation.
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