Post Doctorate & Senior Fellows - IIE Pune

The Rules for the selection of the candidates for the PDF programmes are as per ICSSR, New Delhi. Dr. Deepak Gaikwad has a Ph.D. in Political Science from SPPU Pune and currently works in the area of caste & Reservation. The Study has the focus on Social Reservation Policy with Special reference to Reservation in Services and Education in Maharashtra.

Senior Fellowship Completed: – Dr. Prakash B. Salavi is a Ph.D. holder in the discipline of modern philosophy from Shivaji University; Kolhapur. His studied a lot in the area of Philosophy of Education. He has completed the ICSSR project for Senior Research Fellowship under the title of “Decolonization of Education: Ethics and Science”.  He contributed in modern ethical and scientific knowledge regarding rationalism with exploration of different terms regarding the philosophy of life.