1. The Indian Institute of Education has been periodically published books. These books are available for sale in the publication cell of the institute. The list of books published so far are;

2. Collection articles of Padmabhushan Prof. J.P. Naik. Vol.I – Education and Development; Vol. II- Policy Studies; Vol.III- Education of the weaker section. Y.Waghmare & A.S. Babu (Eds.) ( 2008)

3. Education Pathway to Humanistic Science and Scientific Humanism- Swaminathan, M.S. ( 2005)

4. Globalizing Education: Perceptions and Processes – S.C. Behar (Ed.) ( 2005)

5. Health for All: An Alternative Strategy. ( 2002)

6. The PROPEL Project: Action research for Universalization of primary education. ( 1993)

7. Educating the Poor- Atal, Y. ( 1987)

8. Science, Technology and Society in India. (R.V.Parulekar memorial lectures). ( 1987)

9. The Education Commission and After- Naik, J.P. ( 1979)

10. Equality, Quality and Quantity: The Elusive Triangle in Indian Education- Naik, J.P. ( 1975)

11. Primers for adult literacy, neo-literates, Non-formal education, alternative primary education.