G.D.Parikh Center, Mumbai - IIE Pune

G.D.Parikh Center, Mumbai

The G. D. Parikh Centre as the Mumbai branch of the Indian Institute of Education, located at the Mumbai University, Kalina Campus, is working on the Theme of J.P. Naik in considering education as a revolutionary repertoire that is deeply linked to mass struggle of the toiling masses, combined with Chitra Naik’s idea of challenging educational orthodoxy. With this foundational philosophy the Centre has started the workings of the Centre as the Centre for Cultural Anthropology. The leitmotiv of this Centre is to study and document the plural cultural cultures of India from the perspective of the marginalized people. This idea is then linked to the study of shared cultures of people not only in India, but the shared cultures of people of Indian and West Asia. With this methodological theme, the Centre is also holding lectures by eminent public intellectuals, along with discussions and study circles.