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Our Vision and Mission

The Indian Institute of Education was established essentially to dedicate its focus on research in education with an interdisciplinary approach and most important on the relationship between education and society from various perspectives.
  • To conduct interdisciplinary social science research that leads to a humanist understanding of science and society
  • To consequently understand education as cultural transformation

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Dr. Arun Adsool

“Quality Education requires not only qualified but skilled teachers who have knowledge Coupled with conceptual understanding and great teaching aptitude. Whereas the prime purpose of Education is to teach the concerned over maintaining physical, intellectual, cognitive, social, moral and emotional health however the prime most purpose is ‘the spiritual health’.”

-Dr. Arun Adsool

From Chairman’s Desk

It is said that, Education is the dynamic side of philosophy—the discipline that is concerned with generation of knowledge and methods of teaching and learning for the transmission of values and accumulated skills and knowledge of a society. There are various ways to categorize education as – formal, informal and non-formal education. Institutions working in the field of education with either of the above mentioned categories should have their own set of principles during discharging their duties and responsibilities.