The library has a rich collection of over 30000 publications including books, bound volumes, periodicals, reports, government documents related to social sciences. It has a major collection of books on education.  Library also possesses Govt. of Maharashtra Gazettes. Rare collection of books and articles written by eminent educationist, Evan Ellich and Prof. J.P. Naik are among the pride possessions of the library. The reference section of this library consists of Indian and international encyclopedias and dictionaries of social sciences, psychology, education, religion, philosophy, census reports and yearbooks. It also possesses theses and dissertations. The library is widely used by students, research scholars and teaching staff from various institutions and even staff from different NGOs.

List of the scanned books of Prof. J.P. Naik

Sr.No Title of the Book   Year of Publication
1 The Education Commission and After (New Edition) 1997
2 अनौपचारिक शिक्षण: का आणि कसे? पुस्तिका 1996
3 The Education Commission and After: Old Edition 1982
4 Health for All: an Alternative Strategy 1981
5 भारतातील प्राथमिक शिक्षण 1980
6 Division of Educational Policy and Planning 1980
7 भारतीय जनतेचे शिक्षण: येत्या दहा वर्षामधील (१९७८-८७) शैक्षणिक विकासाची धोरण – रुपरेषा 1979
8 Education for our people: a policy frame for the development of education for citizens for democracy 1978-87    1978
9 अनौपचारिक शिक्षा कुछ पहेलु 1978
10  अनौपचारिक शिक्षण काही पैलू 1978
11 The Social Context of Education: Essays in Honour of Prof. J.P. Naik 1978
12 Some Perspectives in Non-Formal Education    1977
13 Selections from educational records of the Government of India Vol. 2: development of University education, 1916-1920 (Edited jointly with Suresh Chandra Ghosh) 1977
14 भारतातील शिक्षण का इतिहास 1976
15 Selections from Educational Records Bombay Vol. I Part I 1976
16 Equality, Quality and Quantity: the Illusive Triangle in Indian Education 1975
17 Policy and Performance in Indian Education     1975
18 Elementary Education in India: a Promise to Keep         1975
19 Status of women in India: a synopsis of the report of the National Committee on the status of women (1971-74)    1975
20 Some Aspects of Post Independence Development in India        1974
21 Student’s History of Education in India 1800-1973                                  1974
22 Education of the Scheduled Tribes 1965-66       1971
23 Education of the Scheduled Castes 1965-66       1971
24 Roles, Responsibilities, Functions, Programmes and Organization of ICSSR  1971
25 Educational Planning in a District        1969
26 Education in the Fourth Plan    1968
27 The Role of Teachers in Educational Planning and Development 1968
28 Indian Yearbook of Education: First Yearbook Part II   1968
29 Grants in Aid to Universities 1966
30 Report of the Education Commission (Kothari Commission Report) 1966
31 Elementary education in India: the unfinished business (Dadabhai Naoroji Memorial Lectures) 1966
32 Educational Development in Rajasthan (1950-80)          1965
33 Grants in Aid to Colleges of Arts and Science and Secondary Schools 1965
34 Grants in Aid to Educational Institutions in India 1965
35 Educational Levels of the People 1965
36 Educational Planning in India 1965
37 Report of the Rajasthan State Primary Education Committee 1963-64 1965
38 Indian Yearbook of Education: First Yearbook Part I 1965
39 Long Term Educational Reconstruction in India 1964
40 The Indian yearbook of education: second yearbook (Elementary education) 1964
41 Selections from educational records of the Government of India Vol. II Development of University education 1860-87  1963
42 Selections from Educational Records of the Government of India Vol.II 1963
43 A Student’s History of Education in India 1800-1961    1962
44 Primary Education in the State of Bombay Vol. I           1961
45 Selections from Educational Records of the Government of India Vol. I 1960
46 A Review of Education in Bombay State 1855-1955 1958
47 Selections From Educational Records Bombay Part II (1815-1840) 1955
48 कोल्हापूर नगरपालिका 1954
49 The Single Teacher School        1953
50 Research and Experiments in Rural Education 1953
51 खेड्यातील शिक्षण: एक शिक्षकी शाळा (व.ब.कर्णिक सह) 1953
52 A Development Plan for the Kolhapur State 1946 1946
53 Survey of indigenous education in the province of Bombay (1820-1830) 1945
54 History of Education in India During the British Period 1943
55 A Review of Modern Education in India (1813-1942) 1943
56 History of the Local Fund Cess in the Province of Bombay 1942
57 Studies in Primary Education: First Series 1942
58 Grants to District Local Boards on Account of Primary Education 1941