Sr.No Title of the Project  Funding Agency
1 Radical Praxis:A Study of Dalit Bahujan Culture politics In Pune City ICSSR-Delhi
2 Proposed survey 150 school at Nasik District H.K. Foundation. Mumbai
3 Social Audit Of Mid-day Meal scheme Govt. of. Maha.- Pune
4 Strengthening Elementary in Buffer Zone Of Maha.& M.P. W.C.T.-Mumbai
5 Developing Alternative Mathematics Curriculum H.K.F. Mumbai
6 Rituality & Rationality-A study of The Ambedkarite Movement in Maha. ICSSR-Delhi
7 Governance Reforms ICSSR – Western Regional Centre- Mumbai
8 Seasonal Migration of Sugarcane Harvesting Labour ICSSR-Delhi
9 Right to Education ICSSR-Delhi
10 Inclusiveness In Higher Edu. with respect to Interdisciplinary ICSSR-Delhi
11 Inclusiveness Of SC&ST Students Implication For Right To Education ICSSR-Delhi
12 Social Opportunities & Challenges of Information ICSSR-Delhi
13 Assessment of Transversal Competencies UNESCO
14 Corporal Punishment In School ICSSR-Delhi
15 Need Assessment Study of Professional Development Areas among DIET Faculty In Maharashtra ICSSR-Delhi
16 A study of the education, socio-economic profile and level of job-satisfaction among the Ashram schoolteachers in Maharashtra ICSSR-Delhi
17 A study of the on-going process of pre-service elementary teacher education in Maharashtra NCERT, New Delhi
18 Inclusive Education for educationally backward minority – Project phase II Tech Mahindra Foundation
19 Study of Educational Scenario in Buffer Zone of Pench National Forest H.K. Foundation
20 Utilization of Internet Resources: Beliefs and Practices Of Secondary School Teachers Pune University (SPPU)
21 Education: Issues Relating to Governance, Access, Equity and Quality in India. ICSSR
22 Action Research Project for Improving Quality of Elementary education in Buffer Zone of Pench National Park
H.K. Foundation, Mumbai  
23 Action Research Project for Improving Quality of Elementary education in Buffer Zone of Tadoba H.K. Foundation, Mumbai
23 Inclusive education for educationally backward minorities Tech Mahindra, Pune
24 Inclusiveness in Higher Education with respect to Interdisciplinary ICSSR, New Delhi
25 Inclusiveness of SC and ST Students: Implications for RTE’
ICSSR, New Delhi
26 Improving Quality of Elementary Education in Buffer Zone of the Pench National Park- Maharashtra- Phase II H K Foundation, Mumbai  
28 Social Opportunities and Challenges of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) among Rural Communities: Access, Practice and Prospects ICSSR, New Delhi
29 Socio economic and educational Status of NT/DNT Muslims in Maharashtra NEG Fire, New Delhi